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The 3 sources of wisdom

Knowledge is knowing from the outside in
Wisdom is knowing from the inside out
Experience transforms knowledge into wisdom.

Therefor the body is an extremely powerful instrument,
Able to transform and to hold wisdom.
The body as treasurer.

There is another source of wisdom present in the body,
an inborn wisdom, received by birth
which we carry in our cells,
unique to each and every woman.
The body as treasury.

The third source of wisdom is available through the body.
We know it as our intuition,
a wisdom available to all women
and accessible through the womb.
The body as doorway.

The most easiest to access is the first source of wisdom
Experiences are unique for each and every one
and transforms common knowledge into unique wisdom.
It asks for a certain level of body and self-awareness.

The most difficult  source to access is the wisdom available through the body.
It demands a deep inner connection and
the healing of unprocessed life events.

The second source is the most joyful to uncover.
it asks for the curiosity of a child and a playful journey.

These 3 sources of wisdom explain the beauty of a feminine body,
why it is precious and deserves to be a treasured gift.