Wisdom, Strength & Beauty


Awakening your Wisdom & inner Strength is a pathway to Beauty
How to understand these words?


Connecting  women  to their body,
connects them to their wisdom,
source of worthiness.

We do not need degrees to be wise,
nor external reference to find our wisdom.

It’s not by comparing ourself to others,
that we learn who we are.
It’s by being present to ourself
that we meet our authentic ‘I’.

Do you feel the relief, knowing that all  wisdom is present in & through the body?
The only thing needed to access the 3 sources of wisdom, is connection.

Where Wisdom is a quality of our feminine essence,
Strength is the energy of our masculine essence.
It’s the energy of our rebellious child or teenager.
So often repressed and pushed into the dark.

It shows up – oversimplified – when we go in resistance,
when we seem to need to be tough in the outer world.
To maintain a position, defend a strategy or opinion.
Bringing the rebel back into the light,
makes its energy fluent & transforming again.
Our inner source of strength & power.

When we think of beauty, we mostly think of physical beauty.
But there is more than meets the eye or the way we look.
Beauty is in everyone, in all things and all dimensions.
It is in all area’s of our life. Everywhere.
What beauty do you long for?

Beauty is also  inner harmony,
created when wisdom and inner strength
join in a dynamic interplay.

Creation is of woman’s nature.  
What beauty do you want to create?

A pathway
There is no such thing as ‘the pathway to beauty. You might use the same stepping stones, but aligned in a different order, unique to who you are. A subtle inner guide and signs along the way show you the next steps to take. 

Becoming awake & aware,  noticing, trusting, understanding  and acting upon these inner & outer signs is an inner journey,  leading to our authentic self  and bringing freedom, joy and happiness.

And that’s where I feel called,
as guide and companion along the way
to support, inspire and empower you.

Going for your authentic self, brings you to your wisdom & strength.
Do go for your Beauty!